Darkseid standing on a destroyed world.


Zack Snyder's Justice League Trilogy Would Have Ended The DC Universe
In 2021, an exhibit showcasing Zack Snyder’s plans for a “Justice League” trilogy series gave us a look at the DCEU that never came to fruition, and maybe it’s for the best.
In the two-part “Justice League” sequel, the group would have been addressing personal stories. Diana returns to Themyscira, Arthur unites Atlantis, and Barry’s father is freed.
It's Mostly About Batman
Clark Kent struggles with Superman’s resurrection and his dual identities, while Lois grapples with the revelation of her unborn child, causing tensions between them.

With the heroes absent, Lex Luthor forms the Injustice League to unlock the Anti-Life Equation, and Batman faces Riddler in Canada, and the villain kills himself for some reason.

A League Of Their Own
Darkseid is summoned by the Mother Boxes, leading to chaos. Revelations of Lois’ past with Bruce hint at a liaison, triggering dramatic consequences between the heroes.
Darkseid's sudden attack leaves Lois vaporized, Superman controlled, and the Justice League brutally defeated by the Injustice League.
The Justice League Die
Five years forward, Batman leads survivors in a desolate Gotham, concluding in their refuge in the ruins of Wayne Manor.
Green Lantern lands on Earth and teams up with Batman. Together, they send Flash back in time to inform the Bruce in the past that he, not Superman, is the father of Lois’ child.
Green Lantern Is Here
Bruce sacrifices himself to save Lois and changes history. Superman beats Darkseid into submission, and Bruce laments not being able to have a life with Lois.
Batman sacrifices his life to defeat Darkseid, marking his second ultimate price. Lois reveals to Superman their child is Bruce’s, prompting him to revert to Clark.
A new Dark Knight Rises
Two decades later, Gotham faces crime anew. Lois shows her son the Batcave, revealing his roots, and the film closes with a new Batman silhouetted and the Snyderverse’s finale.