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Young Sheldon Fans Aren't Happy With Sheldon's Character Evolution
Young Sheldon Cooper is clearly the star of the early seasons of “Young Sheldon,” but as the show evolves, the rest of the Cooper clan has become more central to the plot.
This has not gone down well with fans of the show, who have voiced their frustration on Reddit over the lack of Sheldon’s character evolution.
U/kandiekake said, “Does anyone miss Sheldon as a character? He's just a side character or quirky comedic relief now. [...] He's a caricature.”
The Redditor continued, “I get that he's meant to become [“The Big Bang Theory”] Sheldon, but that doesn't mean he can't be granted some moments of levity and humanity.”
U/AirlineCharacter1702 agreed and said, “I think I miss him having a normal storyline [...] More drama. Life wasn't easy for him at all according to TBBT.”
There are, however, fans who feel there's not much more writers can do to evolve Sheldon and are okay with the character taking a backseat in later seasons.
U/United_Efficiency330 said, “We get it, he's very smart. We get it, he's obnoxious all the time. We get it, he has no friends. One can only put up with that for so long.”