Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton


Yellowstone: Is Kelly Reilly's Beth Dead?
At the end of Season 3 of “Yellowstone,” synchronized hits are planned on three Dutton family members, and Beth's (Kelly Reilly) office is rocked by an explosion.
In Season 4, Episode 1, Beth stumbles out of her burning office building. Despite having narrowly escaped death, her unflappable demeanor remains as she asks a man for a cigarette.
What makes “Yellowstone” work better at walking back character deaths than other series is that there are enduring factors to remind you of the character's trauma.
Beth is permanently scarred by the attack on her life, and the burn marks show up as scars for the remainder of the series. She owns them proudly rather than hiding them.
No further attempts on Beth's life have been made in Season 5, but who knows if she'll make it to the series finale alive due to the intense family rivalry between her and Jamie.