Ray Stevenson kneeling in Ahsoka


X-Men Fans Want This Actor To Play Baylan Skoll In Ahsoka Season 2
Ray Stevenson, who played Baylan Skoll in Season One of “Ahsoka,” passed away in 2023. “Star Wars” fans hope to see a certain “X-Men” actor portray Baylan Skoll moving forward.
Some Reddit users have pitched “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” star Liev Schreiber to assume the role of Baylen Skoll. User u/_Laszlo_Cravensworth wrote, “Schrieber would kill it.”
Schreiber’s performance as Sabretooth in the “X-Men” franchise proves that he can play compelling villains in sci-fi and fantasy fare, so he’s a great choice to play Baylan Skoll.
The pitch to have Schreiber take over from the late Stevenson was met with positive responses on Reddit, so it seems that the recasting could have the support of “Star Wars” fans.
User u/GrowlingWarrior said that Schreiber boasts a similar type of physicality to Stevenson, and user u/FrostedPixel47 noted that Schreiber is the same height as Stevenson.
Some believe Stevenson and Schreiber are so alike it’s hard to tell them apart. u/BillyHayze wrote, “I get them confused all the time. I think Liev would make a good Baylan.”