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Why The Vampire
Diaries Fans Are
So Divided About
Throughout "The Vampire Diaries," critics and fans alike celebrated the chemistry among its leads, citing their emotional electricity as the enduring reason why the series found success. However, the actions of Elena Gilbert have divided the hit series’ fan base.
In a Reddit thread dedicated to the "The Vampire Diaries," the original poster shared a screenshot depicting a moment where recurring character Rebekah Mikaelson disdainfully says to Elena, “ "Get over yourself, Elena. It's not all about you." The same user captioned the photo, writing, "I love Elena but this is me throughout the whole show."
Other Redditors agreed with the sentiment, pointing out that Elena often tried to make every life-or-death situation about herself, regardless of whether or not she truly needed to insert herself into a conflict. However, other users disagreed with the assertion and argued that she usually fought to save those closest to her and tried not to be a burden to her loved ones.