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Why The
Character Names
On Bones Have
Fans Looking Twice
"Bones", which was based on the adventures of real-life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, ended Its 12-season run in 2017. However, fans are still constantly discovering new things about their favorite "crimedy," and one of those has to do with the interesting character names used on the show.
Fans on Reddit have been discussing how often the show repeats names or uses actors’ names for characters. From Season 7 to Season 9 Booth and Brennan were hunting a serial killer named Christopher Pelant and 14 episodes later in "The Carrot in the Kudzu," actress Sunnie Pelant would make her debut as the pair's daughter, Christine Booth.
What makes this coincidence even more intriguing is that in Season 5, Episode 22 "The Beginning In the End," Colonel Dan Pelant tries to recruit Booth back into the Army. A Redditor also noticed that "EVERYONE is called Andy too. Or variations of the name Andrew. Agent Andy, baby Andy, Andrew Hacker, Rebecca dates a Drew."