Sylvester Stallone from the Rocky franchise smirking


Why Sylvester Stallone Regrets Cutting Carl Weathers & Killing Creed
Despite writing all six "Rocky" movies and being credited with characters in the "Creed" films, Sylvester Stallone isn't exactly happy with how he ended Apollo Creed's story.
In "Rocky IV," Creed is killed during a boxing match with Ivan Drago. Although this was a dramatic and heartbreaking scene, Stallone later regretted the decision to kill him off.
"If I had to do it over again I never would have killed Apollo. Absolutely not. It was foolish," Stallone said in the documentary "The Making of Rocky vs. Drago."
He later explained in the documentary that he could have seen Creed filling the hole left by another character's death in the franchise.
"Him in a wheelchair, he would've assumed the role of Mickey," Stallone said. "[...] He would've been kind of a father figure, mentor, brother."