Serinda Swan as Karla Dixon crossing her arms in Season 2 of Reacher


Why Reacher's Karla Dixon Looks So Familiar

This story contains spoilers for "Reacher" Season 2, Episode 1.

If Karla Dixon from "Reacher" Season 2 seems familiar, then there's a good chance that you've seen the actress, Serinda Swan, in one of her many roles before she joined the cast.
Fans of The CW's "Smallville" may remember Swan's appearances as Zatanna Zatara, the glamorous, top hat-wearing magic user who first appears in the Season 8 episode "Hex."
Smallville Magic
A powerful and extremely mischievous ally to Clark Kent and Oliver Queen, "Smallville" fans certainly knew Zatanna and appreciated Swan's take on the character.
From 2013 to 2015, Swan joined the main cast as DEA agent Paige Arkin, who's stationed in the same luxurious property as several other undercover officers from various agencies.
Swan's "Graceland" tenure didn't stop her from briefly shaking "Chicago Fire" fans' world as Brittany Baker, who marries Kelly Severide in Las Vegas after meeting at a casino.
Chicago Fire
In 2017 she played Medusa on ABC's Marvel series, "Inhumans," which ran for one season, but the role gave Swan a unique opportunity to learn a highly specific method of acting.
Medusa's hair is a tricky special effect, and Swan learned which movements were conscious, defensive, and unconscious, before figuring "out how the physicality would follow that."
These roles are just scratching the surface of Swan's acting résumé, as she currently stars as Dr. Jenny Cooper on CBS' Canadian police procedural "Coroner."
Other Work
Though much of her work is on the small screen, Swan has also appeared in 2010's "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" and "Tron: Legacy."