Actor Jeffrey Donovan as Detective Frank Cosgrove in Law & Order


Why Jeffrey Donovan's Detective Frank Cosgrove Left Law & Order
"Law & Order" had yet another shift in the casting department when the series bowed for Season 23. Actor Jeffrey Donovan is officially out as a regular presence on the show.
The actor and his character, Detective Frank Cosgrove, have been replaced by Vincent Riley, played by Reid Scott, who is Jalen Shaw's new partner.
TV Line reported in November 2023 that Donovan's exit came about due to creative differences, which were ultimately unresolvable.
As of January 2024, Donovan doesn't have any further projects on his slate, which leaves the possibility of a guest appearance on the table in the future.
In "Freedom of Expression," the show's Season 23 debut, Riley and Shaw converse about Cosgrove's departure, which they explain came about due to Cosgrove's honesty.
While this implies that Frank placed his value system over a mandate the force tried to keep in place, he seems to have parted from his job in a way that leaves the door open.