Jake Gyllenhaal in movie Road House


Why Jake Gyllenhaal's Road House Isn't Going To Theaters

"Road House" starring Jake Gyllenhaal appears to be a perfect crowd-pleasing summer tentpole, so it's

odd that Prime Video isn't releasing it in movie theaters.

According to the director Doug Liman, it's likely due to an "algorithm" that cares more about "selling toasters" than supporting movie theaters or creative artists.

He further wrote, "I signed up to make a theatrical motion picture for MGM. Amazon bought MGM. Amazon said make a great film and we will see what happens.

I made a great film."

He says, "Amazon asked me and the film community to trust them [...] about supporting cinemas, and then they turned around and are using 'Road House' to sell plumbing fixtures."

Liman went on to discuss how "Road House" was widely praised and labeled as a "smash hit" by execs, highlighting the film's highly positive test scores.

Despite the film's critical praise, Amazon is neither backing it financially with a theater release, nor are they allowing Liman to sell to another studio that would support one.