Harvey in Suits looking to the right.


Suits: Why Is Season 9 Not On Netflix? It's Not Clear, But The Internet Has Ideas
Netflix recently added the popular legal drama series “Suits” to its catalog. However, the final season is notably absent, puzzling its fans.
The platform has yet to officially comment on this omission, but fans have speculated that Netflix still need to secure streaming rights for Season 9.
Interestingly, Season 9 is available with an essential Amazon Prime subscription, but it's still being determined how long it will remain on that platform.
Combining Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions is a viable way to stream all of “Suits.” Amazon Prime Video also offers the previous eight seasons a la carte.
Alternatively, NBCUniversal-owned service Peacock offers all nine seasons. Other options include purchasing previous Seasons on platforms like iTunes, Google Play Store, or Vudu.