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Why Is
Blonde Rated
"Blonde" — which is based on the 2000 best-selling novel by Joyce Carol Oates of the same name — will be Netflix's first original film to be released with an NC-17 rating. The movie promises to be a bold look at Monroe's public and private life, however, the exact reasoning behind the adults-only rating has been murky.
According to the MPAA, "Blonde" is rated NC-17 because it contains "some sexual content" deemed inappropriate for young viewers. While the film’s director Andrew Dominik hasn't given too much away about the sexual content that was flagged by the MPAA, he did confirm that there would be a sexual assault scene pulled straight from Joyce Carol Oates' book.
He also said that the rise of the #MeToo movement ultimately helped get the graphic adaptation made. As Domink explained, before then, "Nobody was interested in that sort of s*** — what it's like to be an unloved girl, or what it's like to go through the Hollywood meat-grinder," Dominik explained. The official release date for Netflix's "Blonde" is September 23, 2022.