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Why Fans Are So
Conflicted About
The Blacklist
Season 10
NBC's crime drama "The Blacklist" has firmly cemented itself as a staple of network TV, totaling nearly 200 episodes over the course of its nine seasons. That said, longevity can oftentimes be both a blessing and a curse and unsurprisingly longtime viewers of the hit show reacted to the announcement of Season 10 with some pointed criticisms regarding its length.
One Instagram user voiced their displeasure by stating, “I really just don't understand how there's more story line hahah,” while another user argued that the show should have ended after Season 6 while it was still watchable. On Reddit, meanwhile, one user started a thread titled "Season 10," proposing that the series should end after its next season.
Apparently, the cast disagrees, because, in a 2021 interview, Harry Lennix, who portrays Harold Cooper, said that he hopes the series lasts for at least 20 seasons. Behind-the-scenes staff members, meanwhile, have yet to comment substantively on whether or not an endgame is in sight.