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Why Fans Are
Getting Fed Up
With Curse Of Oak
Island Season 9
So far, Season 9 has seen the Oak Island Fellowship spend most of their time in the areas of the swamp and the supposed location of the legendary Oak Island money pit, and the Laginas believe that they may be close to finally uncovering the mystery of Oak Island. However, it seems that fans of the show are starting to harbor some rather strong doubts.
Converging on Reddit, "The Curse of Oak Island" viewers aired their frustrations in a thread that was kicked off by a user who said that the cast is just phoning it in. The thread also questioned their speculation about a thin piece of metal and the “stone road” that they attributed to the Portuguese Knights of the Templar even though the artifacts found were Britsh.
While the Lagina brothers seem to believe that they are soon to locate a tremendous amount of silver, the patience of fans appears to be wearing thin with these kinds of wild assumptions. One Redditor compared being a fan of the show to having Stockholm Syndrome, saying, "They drag this show on at a torturous pace, but people still watch it."