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Why Even Big NCIS
Fans Wouldn't Be
Sad If The Show
Finally Ended
Originally a spin-off of the naval law series "JAG," crime drama "NCIS" outlasted its hit parent show and has been on the air continuously since 2003. It continues to enjoy strong ratings despite the departure of most of the original cast over the years, but even some diehard viewers don't think they'll shed too many tears when the show airs a proper finale.
In one Reddit thread, many longtime “NCIS” fans expressed the feeling that with most of the original cast gone (especially Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who left early in Season 19), they had lost the things which kept them attached to the show. Ultimately, though, it seems to depend on how much one cares about the new cast members and characters now on "NCIS."
Despite some fans being comfortable with the idea of the series coming to an end, CBS has given the go-ahead for a 20th season of "NCIS," which will premiere in fall 2022. It helps that Mark Harmon is still an executive producer, and there’s still the possibility he could return as Gibbs in the future — even if only for one or two episodes.