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Why Denny From
Netflix's Virgin
River Looks
So Familiar

Kai Bradbury, Denny in "Virgin River," also starred in "The Man in the High Castle," a scary look at an alternate reality in which Germany and Japan won World War II.  One of Bradbury's earliest acting credits is that of a Kempeitai officer.

High Castle

In the sci-fi series "Altered Carbon," Bradbury plays Tadao, one of the "Meths," a socioeconomic class of rich and powerful people who are free to act without consequences. He and mercenary Kovacs engage in a brief dialogue, but it doesn't take Kovacs long to rule Tadao out as a potential suspect.

Altered Carbon

Here, Bradbury plays Vincent Ohata, the estranged twin of Wendy Ohata, who has been searching for him. Together, they discover they can make deadly weapons out of paper when they fight side by side.


Bradbury appeared in Season 2 of "The Terror: Infamy" on AMC, which focused on the Japanese American community being haunted (and sometimes murdered) by a shapeshifting bakemono (a creature from Japanese folklore). He plays Nick Okada, a mole for the DOJ who has been ordered to report any pro-Japanese dissenters to the US government.

The Terror

Bradbury stars in "Motherland: Fort Salem," where the witches from the Salem Witch Trials did have magic powers. The actor portrays Gerit Buttonwood, a magic user who falls in love with one of the three main witches in the series.