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Why Better Call
Saul's Parking
Garage Scene
Means More Than
You Think
The creative team behind Better Call Saul is at it again, offering viewers with a keen eye for detail yet another momentary flash of insight. Attentive and literary fans will know that the parking garage shot that clearly reads Level 8 in the episode titled, "Wexler vs. Goodman," has an important and weighty Literary significance.
"Level 8" is, in fact, a visual homage to Dante Alighieri's epic Italian poem “The Divine Comedy,” and the most famous section of this poem, entitled Inferno, contains a notorious accounting of the different layers of Hell. According to Dante, Level 8 in Hell is reserved for fraudsters, thus Level 8 of the parking garage on “Better Call Saul” is a reference to the eighth circle of hell.
Level 8 seems like an especially apt location for this scene to take place, considering "fraud" is often the sin of choice for heroes and villains in “Better Call Saul.” Although this isn't a major story reveal, Better Call Saul once again proves it's one of the most carefully plotted and hyper-literate TV shows currently on the air.