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Why Better Call
Saul's Ending Was
So Different From
Breaking Bad

THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the series finale of "better Call Saul."


"Better Call Saul" manages to be both a sequel and a prequel to "Breaking Bad." Although Jimmy's ascension to Saul mirrors the rise and fall of Walter and both eventually answer for their actions, it seems as if the ending to Jimmy's story is entirely different than the bombastic finale of "Breaking Bad."
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series co-creator Peter Gould said that Jimmy McGill is on a different path in life. Where Walter has a very clear objective in mind, Jimmy is more or less searching for meaning in his life and thus felt like Jimmy's ending should be thematically different from Walter's.
Gould added, “Saul never picks up a gun in the whole run of the show. His ending is not going to be violent in the same way. He's a man of words, so of course the ending is gonna have words." Each character has their own individual arcs, and since Jimmy is a smooth talker rather than a gunslinger, his conclusion lacks physical violence.