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Why Avatar: The Last Airbender Fans Have An Issue With Katara Judging Toph
While both Karata (Mae Whitman) and Toph (Jessie Flower) are allies in “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” the two characters are completely different. Katara had more responsibilities within her tribe, making her more authoritative; Toph was a rebellious, rude, talented earth-bender from an upper-crust family.
The characters often got along and bonded during the “The Tales of Ba Sing Se” episode — yet their different personalities would lead to conflict, especially when Toph started grifting others with her earth-bending. Katara disapproved and called it immoral, but fans recently took to Reddit to point out Katara’s hypocrisy referencing an earlier episode when Katara stole a scroll.
The scroll in question was a water-bending manual she stole from pirates to improve her skills and outrank Aang’s bending powers, leading to conflict with the pirates and endangering everyone. Some defended Katara’s position and said she grew from her experience with the pirates and wants to prevent Toph from making the same mistakes.