Kelly Reilly drinking whiskey in Yellowstone


Why Are Yellowstone Fans Starting To Hate Beth Dutton?
Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), the cold, abrasive daughter of the Dutton family in “Yellowstone,” has fans on Reddit rolling their eyes after five seasons of her predictable behavior.
On the r/YellowstonePN subreddit, u/dhsutherland wrote, “She used to be one of my favorite characters. Now, every scene she’s in seems like I have seen it before.”
The user continued, “They filmed that same scene where a guy walks into a bar, starts to hit on her, and she shreds him 5 times. Every interaction with everyone is a repeat.”
“I lose respect for John every time he can’t see through her. Jamie needs to kill her. Jamie’s character is so much more interesting at this point,” the user added.
The thread received hundreds of upvotes from “Yellowstone” fans, clearly showing that the user was not alone in their opinion that Beth has become an intolerably static character.
In a top-voted comment, u/More_Border5568 added, “The dynamic between her & Jamie is outright insufferable at this point.” Even the series’ ardent defenders must agree with this.
Almost every scene with Beth and Jamie (Wes Bentley) has him trying to be civil and understanding with Beth while she trash-talks him or threatens him for the umpteenth time.
u/Spectre06 said, “It’s been the same damn thing for years now, like the writers get together to figure out how to one-up the last terrible thing she’s said/done to him.”