Melanie Lynskey in Two and a Half Men


Who Played Rose On Two And A Half Men & Why Did She Leave On Such Bad Terms?
If you’ve ever watched “Two and a Half Men” then you’ll recognize Rose, played by Melanie Lynskey, Charlie’s (Charlie Sheen) manipulative stalker and next-door neighbor.
Lynskey was bumped up to series regular when the show picked up, but she quickly realized the show wasn’t for her. Her paycheck was the lowest they were legally allowed to pay her.
When she talked with series creator Chuck Lorre, he encouraged her to stay, promising future storylines. After negotiations, she signed a new contract that reduced her appearances.
Despite her experience on “Two and a Half Men,” she has no beef with Chuck Lorre and has stated, “There were moments on that show that were so fun.”
Lynskey’s real frustrations were with her agency, which pushed a number of “best friend” roles. She has since signed with a new agent and the shift in her roles is evident.