Miriam Amirault from The Curse of Oak Island looking to the right


Who is The Curse of Oak Island's Miriam Amirault?
Miriam Amirault debuts on Season 8, Episode 8 of History's "The Curse of Oak Island" as part of an archeology team hosts Marty and Rick Lagina employ for additional expertise.
She was a regular cast member until the start of Season 9, since the archeological team had to leave after finding a Mi'kmaq pottery fragment.
She returns in Season 10 for a stretch of seven episodes, ending with an appearance in the season finale, which marks her final episode of "Oak Island."
Before joining the "Oak Island" cast, Amirault studied archaeology at the University of New Brunswick in Nova Scotia, Canada, and went on to graduate in 2020.
While she hasn't publicly discussed her departure, it may have been influenced by her desire to study forensics at Humber College in Toronto.