Dot-Marie Jones looking up in an AllState commercial


Who Is The Actor In Allstate’s ‘It’s Not Going To Fit' Commercial?
Allstate’s “Not Going to Fit” commercial may not be as recognizable as the Allstate “Mayhem” ad, but it does star a familiar face: seasoned actress Dot-Marie Jones.
Jones brings no-nonsense swagger to her performance, which echoes her other notable roles, like Coach Kelly in “Lizzy Maguire” and Billy Eichner’s colleague Cherry in “Bros.”
Jones is tough in her Allstate ad, and she has life experience to back it up. She competed as a shot putter in college, and she was a world title-holding professional arm wrestler.
Jones’ early acting roles showed off her athletic prowess, including a spot on the competition show “Knights and Warriors” as Lady Battleaxe.
She got her first recurring role on “Married...with Children” and has since appeared in many TV shows and movies such as “The Boondock Saints” and “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.”
Jones is perhaps best known for her role as Coach Beiste on “Glee,” from season 2 onwards. Jones nabbed the role thanks to co-creator Brad Falchuk.
She worked with Falchuk on “Nip/Tuck.” Jones told EW, “I ran into Brad Falchuk at Whole Foods. I said, ‘Oh my god, I love [‘Glee’]! [...] Please, you guys, write me something!’”
In Season 6 of “Glee,” Jones’ character came out as a transgender man. She told People, “The transgender community were saying, ‘I never thought I'd see myself on TV.’”