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Who Is That Mustachioed Man In The Pringles Super Bowl Commercial Teaser?

Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, several companies have teased their advertisements, including Pringles. For their Super Bowl ad, Pringles has brought a human mascot into the mix.

Pringles' Super Bowl teaser shows a mustached man having a staring contest with Mr. P on the product's tin can. The mascot eventually winks at the man, startling him.

The mustached man is none other than Chris Pratt. For Pringles, Pratt is a sizable get, as he is one of the most revered box office draws working today.

Pratt likely received a sizable payday for the ad. After all, Super Bowl 2024 commercials are costing advertisers a whopping $7 million for

30 seconds of air time.

We're not exactly sure what Chris Pratt and Pringles' ad is getting up to as only a teaser has been released. The full ad will debut on Super Bowl Sunday in early February.