Rob Gronkowski in FanDuel commercial


Who Appears In Rob Gronkowski's FanDuel Commercials?

Before the 2024 NFL playoffs, FanDuel made an early bid for commercial glory with its Kick of Destiny ad campaign starring Rob Gronkowski.

The first Kick of Destiny television spot dropped on January 9 and starred Gronkowski and "Rocky" star Carl Weathers. More ads from the campaign rolled out in the following weeks.

FanDuel's first Kick of Destiny occurred in 2023, when Gronkowski tried to make a pre-kickoff field goal. He attempted the feat again, and fans were able to bet on the outcome.

Over the next few weeks of football, FanDuel unveiled new chapters in the Kick of Destiny campaign, and wrestler John Cena played the antagonist.

"I rarely get to play the villain so I'm ready to fully embrace this role," Cena said in a press statement. "Do I think he's [Gronkowski] going to make it? No chance!"