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Where Is Joyce
Del Viscovo From
My 600-Lb
Life Now?
At 758 lbs, Joyce Del Viscovo was one of the largest people ever featured on “My 600-lb Life," and she joined the show on the seventh episode of Season 8. The Kansas native revealed that she had an addiction to food that caused her family and friends to be gravely concerned about her health.
Dr. Nowzaradan demands quite a lot from his patients, requiring most of them to lose at least 50 pounds a month, which isn’t feasible for some. Joyce Del Viscovo was one of those patients, lashing out at caretakers and loved ones, and she dropped out of the program before the 12 months ended.
At the time of this writing, it's unknown if the former "My 600-lb Life" star has made any improvements. She's kept out of the public eye since her time on the show and her social media profiles don't indicate any documentation of losing more weight.