Brandi Passante smiling next to Jarrod Schulz


Where Is Jarrod From Storage Wars Today?
Jarrod Schulz left “Storage Wars” during Season 12, and his former partner Brandi Passante continues to star on the show. Passante gave insight into Schulz’s disappearance.
Passante announced in the Season 13 premiere that the couple had separated. She subsequently revealed that they had broken up after the filming of Season 12.
This meant the two were broken up for more than two years. In 2021, Schulz was charged with a count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery after allegedly pushing Passante twice.
The following month, TMZ revealed that Schulz pled not guilty and requested the case be dismissed, and there haven’t been any further updates.
TMZ then reported that A&E conducted its own investigation. It’s possible the results of that investigation led the network to not bring Schulz back to “Storage Wars.”
In his post–”Storage Wars” years, Schulz has stayed in touch with the public via his frequently updated Facebook page and rarely used Instagram account.
Schulz has been dating a new woman, and he owns and runs the Rush Bar and Grill in Lake Forest, California. He has only appeared on one other reality series, “Celebrity Car Wars.”
“Celebrity Car Wars,” which aired on the Southeast Asian version of History, saw stars compete in automotive tasks to join its hall of fame. Schulz was in all episodes of Season 2.