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Where Is Isaac
Martinez From
My 600-Lb Life
TLC's "My 600-lb Life" revolves around people with obesity and overeating problems who are trying to overcome these challenges and lead a healthier life. One of the individuals from Season 9 was Isaac Martinez, a 23-year-old who struggled with food from a young age and quickly turned to it as a vice after his mother suffered a debilitating stroke.
Issac weighed 661 pounds and was unable to perform day-to-day activities. It didn't take long before he suffered from a cardiac arrest and was eventually diagnosed with cellulitis, which could lead to a coma. Issac ultimately called Dr. Now — the expert from "My 600-lb Life" — to help him turn his life around.
In "My 600-Lb Life," Isaac lost 122 pounds in a year and weighed 539 pounds by the end of his episode. Currently, he is single — living in Houston — with the ability to move around his house without a walker, and perform day-to-day activities without assistance from others. It's safe to assume he is still taking care of his family, but hopefully, he is prioritizing his health.