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Where Is Ashley
Taylor From My
600-Lb Life Now?
Fans of "My 600-lb Life" may remember Ashley Taylor as one of the show’s most controversial members. Besides not taking Dr. Now’s diet plan and health advice seriously, she also walked out on him in the middle of an appointment, and weighed in at 469 pounds at the end, which wasn’t enough to qualify her for gastric bypass surgery.
Viewers of "My 600-lb Life" might also be aware of Taylor’s habit of catfishing online — something she recognized as harmful behavior and needed to change. However, habits are hard to break, and in an appearance on the first episode of MTV’s “Catfish” in 2020, Taylor was guilty of pretending to be someone else to a woman named Red.
Despite being confronted by the crew, Taylor continued her behavior and once again made an appearance on “Catfish” — but this time the show staged an intervention with people she fooled in the past. After being caught twice, one would assume Taylor’s catfishing days are over, but there’s no way to be sure, given her lack of social media presence.