NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 05:  Stockard Channing attends the photo call for the Roundabout Theatre Company Production of 'Apologia'  on September 5, 2018 at the Roundabout Rehearsal Studios in New York City.  (Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage)
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Emmy-winning actor Stockard Channing is known for her definitive performance as Rizzo, the bad girl leader of the Pink Ladies in "Grease.” The prolific actor continued to land dozens of roles after this, but her resume has been sparse in recent years, begging the question, "What ever happened to Stockard Channing?"
After roles such as an Oscar-nominated turn in "Six Degrees of Separation" and TV shows like “The West Wing,” she took up residence in Georgetown, in Cumberland County, Maine. Channing moved from Maine to the U.K. in 2019 and has been living alone following the passing of cinematographer Dan Gillham, her partner of 25 years.
Channing recently returned to the U.K. stage in "Night, Mother," where she is earning rave reviews. She still has some U.S. projects in the works, but her decision to move to the U.K. appears firm, as she sold her Los Angeles home in June 2020.