The Hulk yelling


What The Hulk Would Look Like in Different Countries, According to AI

TikToker created a collection of AI-generated Hulk images representing different countries. Some of these versions look downright brutal.

Many of these images show the Hulk with a marker indicating the country he hails from. The Japanese variation sees him standing in front of a cherry blossom tree.

Some of the other Hulks correlate to a specific country through his hairstyle. The Swedish Hulk looks like he came straight out of a Norse myth.

Marvel Comics has portrayed many Hulks over the years, including Red Hulk. The AI slideshow nods to him with a Red Hulk from Spain, like the Spanish flag.

The AI made a few interesting choices in some of the pictures. The Hulk from the Netherlands looks like Darkseid, while the Greek Hulk is silver and pantsless.

The Russian and German Hulks sport some militaristic armor. The slideshow ends with a Canadian Hulk, and unlike the country's reputation, he doesn't look too polite.