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In Season 13, Episode 4 of the A&E reality series "Intervention," which took place in 2013, the show partly focused on Kaila Bentinck, a 19-year-old addicted to losing weight. Her case was one of the more challenging that "Intervention" ever covered, and here’s what actually happened to the young woman following the events of that episode.
We're happy to report that Kaila is still alive and appears to be doing well. In 2016 that her mother put up a Facebook post celebrating her birthday that read "Today is a day to celebrate our daughter Kaila. She is 23 today and that brings me so much joy. What a gift to watch you grow into the amazing person you are today."
Kaila stated in an interview that she credits "Intervention" with saving her life even though things felt bleak when her episode ended. She now lives in Vancouver, Washington, where she works a histology lab technical specialist.