Tony Terraciano smiling in Blue Bloods


What Happened To Tony Terraciano After Blue Bloods?
When Tony Terraciano’s Jack Reagan left for college in the “Thicker Than Water” episode of “Blue Bloods,” Terraciano also entered a new chapter of his life as he exited the show.
According to Terraciano’s LinkedIn page, the same year Jack left for college in 2018, Terraciano began attending Vanderbilt University, where he joined the lacrosse team.
Terraciano was at Vanderbilt for four years, and as of 2023 he’s in the middle of four years of medical school at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York.
However, Terraciano hasn’t let go of acting entirely. His LinkedIn still lists him as a professional actor on behalf of CBS Television Studios in a part-time capacity.
Going to school in the Bronx means Tony Terraciano is nearby in case the “Blue Bloods” team needs him for a cameo, but seeking higher education seems to be keeping Terraciano busy.
Terraciano is part of neurosurgery and ophthalmology interest groups, and he is hard at work as a stroke and aneurysm research assistant en route to becoming a Doctor of Medicine.
Terraciano has spent much of his life juggling school while acting, the bulk of which has been on “Blue Bloods.” He told CBS News that having two separate lives can be jarring.
Terraciano said, “Sometimes I’ll be at the movie theatre and someone will recognize me and my friends will be like, I always forgot you’re a movie star. I’m like, come on.”