TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 02:  Actress Renee O'Connor attends the 2018 Fan Expo Canada at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on September 2, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Che Rosales/Getty Images)
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"Xena: Warrior Princess" starred Lucy Lawless and Renée O'Connor as Xena and her fierce partner Gabrielle respectively, and O'Connor even directed two episodes of the series. She went on to direct award-winning shorts and full-length films, including "Words Unspoken," which once won Best Short Film at the West Hollywood International Film Festival.

Becoming a director

O'Connor founded her own production company, ROC Productions, which produced "Words Unspoken," in addition to her films "Diamonds and Guns" and "Watch the Sky." Randy Crowder, Jed Sura, and Andrew Pinon are among the many individuals who frequently collaborate with O'Connor on her projects.

Her production company

O'Connor married her first husband Steve Muir while she was still playing Gabrielle, and gave birth to their first child, Miles Muir, shortly after the series ended in 2001. After her marriage to Muir ended, O'Connor went on to marry Jed Sura, and the two had a daughter, Iris Sura O'Connor; both Miles and Iris have acting credits to their names.

a beautiful family

After the finale of "Xena," O'Connor acted in a number of low-budget B-movies and monster films, including "Monster Arch" and her own "Diamons and Guns." Another one of these films was "Alien Apocalypse," in which O'Connor starred opposite Bruce Campbell; the two even shared a kiss, which Campbell called "Sa-weet!" in a tweet.

she was a b-movie star

O'Connor first ventured into theater in 2002, when she played Lady Macbeth in a production of the classic Shakespearan tragedy. Fifteen years later, she took the full plunge into plays and has starred in "Macbeth," "Annie," "Mary Poppins," and more; she even played the Nurse in a production of "Romeo and Juliet" in which her son Miles played Romeo.

her theater career