Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory


What Happened To Howard Wolowitz After The Big Bang Theory?
Howard Wolowitz has quite the journey throughout "The Big Bang Theory," as he goes from would-be womanizer who's actually sort of a loser, to a happily married aerospace engineer.
Howard and Bernadette Rostenkowski have two children together, Halley and Michael, and in the series finale, they attend Sheldon and Amy's Nobel Prize ceremony in Sweden.
Though they argue with Sheldon, they still show up for him as he and Amy accept their award for their work in super asymmetry, and Sheldon thanks Howard and Bernadette by name.
Following the series finale, Howard has a voiceover cameo in Season 5 episode 7 of "Young Sheldon," where he finally learns why Sheldon hates engineering.
Sheldon’s first-ever engineering teacher, Professor Boucher, locks him out of class for being late once he solves a problem, prompting him to declare: "I hate engineering."