Kevin James meme


What Does The Kevin James Meme Mean?
Anyone who frequents X, formerly known as Twitter, knows the “Kevin James Smirking” meme frequently pops up in user posts. This viral sensation actually has an interesting history.
The picture originated on January 1, 1998 as a promotional photo for “The King of Queens.” 25 years later, the photo entered the zeitgeist thanks to X user @champagneanyone.
@champagneanyone originally uploaded the caption, “me after 1 double rum and diet” next to the picture of James grinning with his hands in his pockets.
@champagneanyone’s post has since been seen 2 million times and liked by 24,500 accounts and counting. Many people put their spins on it with captions about being playfully cheeky.
Its best usage may have come from the always casually dressed U.S. Senator John Fetterman who included it in a statement regarding a Senate resolution requiring a dress code.
@champagneanyone was asked by Today to explain its appeal. “I really can’t describe exactly what the pose and facial expression is. It’s what originally drew me,” the user said.
“I couldn’t stop wondering, ‘What did the photographer say to KJ? What was the initial mood and feeling that the photographer was going for?’” @champagneanyone added.
The meme is a fun reminder of how funny “King of Queens” was. @champagneanyone is happy to spread its gospel, saying, “I think Kevin James deserves his flowers.”