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Henry Winkler as Fonzie publicity still issued for Happy Days'


TV History's Biggest Jump The Shark Choices
Happy Days: The jump the shark origin story
“Happy Days” episode "Hollywood: Part 3" started it all when the Fonz literally jumps over a shark while water skiing, infamously marking the show’s decline.
The term was coined in 1985 and is used to denote wild TV moments that lead to a show’s downfall, forever linking “Happy Days” to the concept.
Supernatural: Double vision Winchesters
In Season 15, “Supernatural” introduced the alternate universe Winchesters, lessening the weight of the central universe’s story.
The absurdity peaked when the main characters met their pretentious AU counterparts, pushing the show’s limits.
Ghost Whisperer: A dead husband, except not really
“Ghost Whisperer” confused fans with a bizarre twist when Jim died but jumped into another body played by the same actor.
This perplexing body-swapping plot led to a significant decline in viewership and ultimately resulted in the show’s cancellation.
Once Upon a Time: final season reboot
“Once Upon a Time” angered fans by introducing a six-year time jump in the final season, introducing a new curse and timeline, and retconning six seasons of storylines.
The confusing direction and disappointing final season left fans unsatisfied and questioning the decisions made by the show’s writers.
The Office: A more dramatic Michael Scott?
After Michael Scott's departure, “The Office” faced a rough transition with Will Ferrell’s over-the-top Deangelo Vickers character.
This awkward shift highlighted the show’s inability to replace Michael effectively. As a result, the show spent its last two seasons as a directionless shadow of its former self.