Chewbacca as a Japanese actor


TikTok Reimagined Star Wars As A Japanese Gangster Movie And It’s Incredible
TikTok user Demonflyingfox has reimagined “Star Wars” as a Japanese gangster film as part of a partnership with the generative AI platform D-ID.
The human characters are distinct and recognizably transformed into Japanese actors. Luke’s hair is accurately plush and feathery, and Leia has her signature side buns.
The characters dress in a combination of Western clothes and traditional Japanese garb that hews closely to their “Star Wars” costumes.
The more fun transformations are the non-human characters turned into humans. Jabba the Hutt is a tattooed man lounging in sunglasses and a bathrobe.
Yoda has large ears and wears round sunglasses and olive green clothing. Chewbacca’s transformation is less successful, evidenced by his strangely wispy, unkempt beard.
The updated Darth Maul is slick and menacing in a John Wick-esque suit, and his face makeup recalls yakuza tattoos. Darth Vader is outfitted in a traditional samurai get-up.
Turning “Star Wars” into a Japanese gangster film may seem like a whimsical crossover, but fans of “Star Wars” lore may be aware that the franchise is indebted to Japanese cinema.
When he conceived of “Star Wars,” George Lucas was influenced by Akira Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress.” The TikTok is also a celebration of Darth Vader’s samurai roots.