Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone


This Yellowstone Scene Legitimately Grossed Out Kevin Costner
Chef Gabriel Guilbeau, whom "Yellowstone" fans know better as the Dutton family cook nicknamed "Gator," also serves as the head of craft services on the "Yellowstone" series.
In a chat with Delish, Guilbeau said Kevin Costner is "a very picky eater" who was legitimately disgusted by a dish of grilled octopus in Season 2’s "The Reek of Desperation."
Gator recalled that Costner's reaction to the dish was all the more authentic because the actor had no idea what the octopus would look like for the scene ahead of shooting.
"It was [a] genuine reaction that you see in the show of 'Gator, what the h*** is that?'" Only Costner dropped an f-bomb before asking his dinner guests for a plate of potatoes.