The cast of NBC's popularr comedy series "Seinfeld"  are pictured in an undatred file phoo. The final episode of "Seinfeld" will be broadcast 14 May after nine televsion seasons. From left are:  Michael Richards,  Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jason Alexander.  AFP PHOTO (Photo by FILES / AFP) (Photo by FILES/AFP via Getty Images)
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Food plays a pretty big role throughout all nine seasons of “Seinfeld,” with Kramer (Michael Richards) at the center of many emblematic conflicts. Kramer creates chaos for himself and everyone around him, and originally, this iconic episode was supposed to star a different food.
In Season 4, Episode 20, “The Junior Mint,” Kramer and Jerry find themselves observing a surgery above an operating room, and Kramer brings along a pack of Junior Mints. As Kramer is badgering Jerry to have some candy, a piece ends up flying through the air and landing inside the patient, resulting in a life-threatening infection.
However, writer Andy Robin reveals that this moment was originally written with popcorn instead of Junior Mints to make it appear as if Kramer was going to see a movie. After running the idea by his brother, his advice to Robin was, “No, make it Junior Mints because it’s funnier,” and although no one really knows why it’s the superior comedic choice, Junior Mints received a much-deserved pop culture moment.