Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Jubilee from the 97' animated X-Men series


This 1980s X-Men Movie Cast By AI Is Unbelievable

In a captivating TikTok slideshow from Cyber Geek Gallery, a 1980s version of the “X-Men” film franchise is brought to life with an AI-generated cast tailored to that era.

The AI casts Sean Connery and Christopher Plummer as the powerful mutants Professor X and Magneto, rivals with a tumultuous history, both driven to help mutants in their way.

The AI depicts a younger Kurt Russell as the iconic Wolverine and Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett as Storm.

Not every pick is perfect, proven by John Lithgow being cast as Beast. Tom Cruise shines as a young Cyclops, the laser beam-shooting orphan leader of the X-Men.