The Hobbits looking to the right in Lord of the Rings


These Lord Of The Rings Facts Sound Fake (But Ring True)

In the movie adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings," the Uruk-hai orcs are a unique creation bred by Saruman. However, the books imply they are half-human.

Half-Human Uruk-Hai

In the book "The Two Towers," Treebeard says of the Uruk-hai, "Are they Men he has ruined, or has he blended the races of Orcs and Men? That would be

a black evil!"

A bit later, a Rohirric officer calls the Uruk-hai, "Half-orcs and goblin-men that the foul craft of Saruman has bred." These lines strongly hint at the Uruk-hai being half-humans.

While the timidity of Hobbits is made clear in the movies, only the books reveal that most Hobbits are terrified of water and unable to swim well.

Hobbits Hate Water

Frodo's parents died during a boating accident, and the other Hobbits consider their proximity to water a rookie mistake. Similarly, Sam is terrified when left in an Elven boat.

In the book "The Nature of Middle-Earth," Tolkien revealed that Elves age relatively quickly early in their lives, then age at a rate of 100 to 1 compared to humans.

Elf Maturity

With these numbers, we can determine that Galadriel has matured to the equivalent of 93 by the time of "The Lord of the Rings," which explains why she is a calm, veteran leader.

Though Elrond is well over six thousand years old by the time of "The Lord of the Rings," one unassuming little village near the Shire is older than him: Bree.

Bree’s Age

This plucky little Human town dates back to the Elder Days, while Elrond was born a half-century before the Elder Days ended. The town also houses both Hobbits and humans.

Most of Tolkien's races marry and reproduce internally, but Aragorn and Arwen are both distantly part Maiar, a race described as "persons of the 'angelic order."

Part Angels

Early in Middle-earth history, the Elvish king Thingol met, fell in love with, and married a lovely gal named Melian. The family went on to produce Elrond, Aragorn, and Arwen.