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The Worst Things
Voight Has Done
On Chicago P.D.
"Chicago P.D.” chief Hank Voight is dependably aggressive in his pursuit of what he considers justice, which was evident from the very beginning of the series. In the first episode, Voight does what he does best: submitting a suspect to a brutal Q&A session that doesn't end well for the crook.

Rogue Cop

Messing with Voight’s family can have grave results, as evidenced by Voight’s furious pursuit of his son Justin’s attacker in the heartbreaking Season 3 finale. Finally tracking the culprit down, Voight hauls the man off to a deserted construction site and forces him to dig his own grave.


When one of his fellow cops is killed, it's hard to overestimate Voight's savagery in dealing out the consequences. When Alvin Olinsky, Voight's long-time partner, is killed by a cartel hitman in prison, Voight locates the boss who ordered the hit and takes the law into his own hands.

Alvin Olinsky

Voight enables his officers to be as violent as he is — for instance, he allows detective Antonio Dawson to deal with his daughter’s kidnapper. Ultimately, Dawson goes off the deep end and pushes the thug to his death, but Voight plans to cover it up.

 His Officers

Voight circumvents ethics and police protocol when his son Justin is implicated in the murder of a crime boss. When a drug-dealing thug has proof of Justin’s involvement, the coke-dealer’s corpse washes up on shore of the Chicao River — another act of Voight’s vengeance.