Geralt and CIri embrace on the Netflix series The Witcher


The Witcher: The Biggest Differences Between The Show & The Books

Netflix's "The Witcher" delves deep into Yennefer's backstory, exploring her early life, training, and rise as a powerful sorceress.

Yennefer's Origin Story

Readers meet Yennefer alongside Geralt in the books, with little pre-Geralt history revealed.

In the TV show, Triss assists Geralt with the striga in Temeria, but she isn’t in Sapkowski’s "The Witcher" short story. Her first appearance comes later in "Blood of Elves."


Dara, Ciri's elvish ally on Netflix's "The Witcher," doesn't exist in the book series. Created for the show, he adds depth and perspective as a journey companion for Ciri.


Netflix's series showcases Cahir using a Doppler named Adonis to locate Ciri. While Dopplers exist in the books, Adonis and this subplot are original to the show.


"The Witcher" finale on Netflix spotlights this mage versus Nilfgaard showdown. In Sapkowski’s books, only the battle's aftermath is described.

Battle of Sodden Hill