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The Weeping Angels
Theory That Would
Change Everything
On Doctor Who
Among the most popular bad guys to be introduced on “Doctor Who” since the 2005 revival are the Weeping Angels. Little is known about the origins of these strange creatures with the unique ability to throw people backward in time, but some fans seem to think they have an idea where the Angels came from.
Many fans have theorized that Weeping Angels may be fallen Time Lords, based on a line of dialogue in David Tennant's final episode, "The End of Time: Part Two." In one sequence, Rassilon says that the Time Lords who stood against him would be forced to cover their faces and "stand as monuments to their shame like the Weeping Angels of old."
In "Village of the Angels," in which the 13th Doctor is actually turned into a Weeping Angel, we learn that these "Lonely Assassins" have been used as agents for a secret Time Lord agency known as the Division. The connection between the Angels and the Division has fueled even more speculation that the Weeping Angels may be fallen Time Lords.