The Untold Truth Of The Late Bob Barker From The Price Is Right
Bob Barker was 1/8 Sioux and grew up on the Rosebud Native American reservation. He moved to Missouri in the ‘30s but always cherished his heritage.
Native American
Before "The Price is Right," Bob Barker hosted the "Truth or Consequences" game show for 18 years. He also had a stint in radio with "The Bob Barker Show."
Hosted Far More
Bob Barker dreamed of pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals but lamented a lack of talent. The Cardinals humorously signed him to a symbolic contract, paying him $1 a year.
Barker attributed his career success to his wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon. Gideon believed in Barker's potential and worked with him, producing radio shows.
True Love
He wasn't the first host of “The Price Is Right,” but the show was only relaunched in 1972 with the producer’s caveat that Bob Barker had to host it.
Essential Host