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The Untold Truth
Of Chicago Fire's
Tony Ferraris
Chicago native Tony Ferraris has earned a place in fans' hearts to rival any of the higher- luminosity stars in the "Chicago Fire" lineup. He’s also a Chi-town firefighter in real life, and here’s some of the untold truths about this real-world hero.
"I started as an extra," Ferraris said. "And then Derek Haas, our 'Chicago Fire' showrunner, approached me around episode five or six and asked me to read for him, and then they started writing me in." Ferraris continues to be written in as a vital part of the "Chicago Fire" first responder team.
Ferraris' on-screen credit list includes no less than an astounding 160 episodes of "Chicago Fire." He can also lay claim to appearances in both "Chicago Fire" sister series, including five episodes of "Chicago P.D." and one episode of "Chicago Med."
For Ferraris, acting is tougher than fighting fires, as he said, “I work with some incredible people, and to see them turn it on and off is pretty impressive.” The executives at Wolf Entertainment feel that Ferraris plays a pivotal role in all three Chicago-centric shows.
Ferraris said that the showrunners would turn to him for specific details regarding the action or equipment required to portray a particular scene accurately. He also noted that the show captures the firefighters' comradery perfectly, saying, “We have a very dangerous job, and we're very tight when that bell rings.”