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The Untold Truth
Of Big Timber's
Kevin Wenstob
Netflix's new, logging-themed reality show "Big Timber" takes a long, often terrifying look at the logging industry's assorted dangers. It follows the dedicated crew of Wenstob Timber Resources Ltd. with their leader, Kevin Wenstob, as they work their craft and brave the elements on Canada's Vancouver Island.
According to Kevin Wenstob, the demanding job takes up most of their time with some crew members working as long as 16 hours per day. "There's never downtime in the industry," Wenstob said. "We probably take two Fridays off in a year.” While physical logging is only a part of Wenstob's business, his company's sawmill actually takes up the most time.
"[The sawmill is] our stable employment area. The logging is more seasonal,” explained Wenstob. His considerable work ethic is somewhat explained by the fact that his business is one of the last few independent operators in the area, and Wenstob has poured every bit of his energy into the company to keep it that way.
To keep things in working order, Wenstob's company is very big on sustainable forestry — and, of course, safety measures. "The terrain is always changing every time things break and come loose – you always have new hazards to watch out for," Wenstob said. "Weather can be a major issue and making sure everyone is aware of that, is really important."