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The Untold Truth
Of Big Timber's
Coleman Willner
“Big Timber,” the latest hit reality series on History Canada and Netflix, follows a crew of loggers going into unforgiving terrain to bring back all of the valuable lumber. During the show's first season, one of the loggers, Coleman Willner, more than proved he was up for the task despite his young age — here’s more details about the fledgling, hard-worker.
Willner’s in a relationship with Alysha Rodger, and judging from how far back they appear in pictures together on both of their Instagram feeds, they’ve been an item for quite a while. They’re both still young, but given reactions from family, friends, and fans to one post from July 2021, an engagement announcement could come to the couple’s pages in the near future.
Also apparent from his social media is that Willner’s a huge dog lover, as he regularly posts pictures and videos of his golden retriever, Kiha, whom he uses as a bird-dog. As expected from his rugged physique, Willner is an avid hunter, and he'll take Kiha out in the fields with him to catch any birds he manages to shoot; Willner also brings Kiha out camping with him.
While watching “Big Timber,” it’s clear that Willner understands the logging industry, and through hard work and dedication, has deservedly earned the praise of his boss, Kevin Wenstob. “When he's out on the hill, he takes that position quite serious and is a true leader — he really shines at it,” said Wenstob — sounds like fans can expect to see more of Willner on future seasons!