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Behind Johnny
Dior Commercial
Despite his recent courtroom dramas, Dior has continued to stand by Johnny Depp. The move angered many, but commentators weren't that surprised. "Brands hope for short-term memory loss and long-term amnesia," British public relations veteran Mark Bokowski told The Guardian
Dior Stands by Depp
Dior decided to stand by Johnny Depp, but Hollywood didn't. After losing major roles in the "Fantastic Beasts" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchises, only time will tell if Depp will be able to resurrect his career from the ashes.
Hollywood dropped Depp
Sauvage can mean "savage," "wild," and "fierce," none of which are a good look under current circumstances. Of course, Depp became the ambassador for the fragrance back in 2015, before the accusations of domestic violence and the subsequent legal proceedings.
Name is Pretty Awkward
In 2019, a Sauvage commercial entitled "We Are the Land" received criticism for its message and portrayal of Native Americans. People were quick to point out that using Native American imagery in support of a fragrance called Sauvage was tone-deaf and offensive.
Ad pulled
In 2022, Marie Claire revealed that Sauvage had become the best-selling perfume in the world. Fans have been purchasing the cologne to show their support for Depp, making it the first time ever that a men’s cologne is the number one selling fragrance.